5 Tips to Ease Self-Care Into Your Day

Self-care can be simple or indulgent, but it’s best when it fits seamlessly and comfortably into your everyday routine.

Just like the clothes you wear, self-care is personal. The way we choose to care for ourselves is intimate and unique to who we are as individuals. 

That’s why we’re not giving you a rigid list of wellness activities you MUST fit into your schedule. These tips are designed to slip seamlessly into the routine you already have. They’re about nourishing your senses and finding joy in your everyday activities. Select the items that fit comfortably and slowly ease more self-care into your day.

Be Intentional About Your Morning Routine

Sure, you can meticulously plan a morning ritual involving a twelve-step skincare routine, a smoothie with ingredients you can’t pronounce, and an hour-long meditation. If that’s your thing, then go for it! However, if you prefer to keep things short and sweet, start by practicing mindfulness during ANY part of your morning.

Does your cat require lots of attention in the morning? Do you enjoy a nice stretch right when you wake up? Is your morning cup of coffee the only thing getting you out of bed? Simply be intentional about that time. Use these small moments to clear your mind and be present. 

Select Your Thoughts Like You Select Your Clothes

When you select your outfit each day, you might consider a few things. Will you be moving around a lot? Do you need to appear professional or casual? Will you be comfortable in certain fabrics? These questions help you select the garments that fit your needs and style.

Believe it or not, you also have the ability to select your thoughts the same way you select your clothes. Admittedly, it takes practice. Over time, however, you can choose to feel confident instead of anxious before heading into a meeting. Instead of feeling apologetic when running late, you can choose to express gratitude for those who waited for you. 

For us, this starts by curating an effortless style through our everyday wardrobe. When we slide on a pair of Emerson Linen Shorts, we consciously decide to embrace ease and joy. When slipping on a Doheny Linen Dress, we choose to embody serenity and grace. Whether you start with your wardrobe or your headspace, the point is to create more positive space in your life and in your mind.

Find Joy in Movement

Yes, physical activity is good for your mind and body. If you already have a regular fitness routine that makes your body feel good, that’s great! But we also encourage you to simply find joy in movement.

Maybe for you, that’s dancing in the mirror after putting together the perfect outfit. It could be something as simple as loving the way your dog’s ears flop during your morning walk. Whether you try something new or stick to what you know, start searching for joy in your daily movement.

Self Care Tips

Nourish Your Senses With Something Fresh and Delicious

We’re not here to tell you what’s “right” or “wrong” to eat. We will, however, tell you to nourish your senses with something fresh and delicious. Whether it’s fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, or even fresh sushi, try to regularly eat something unprocessed and bursting with flavor.

Nourishment isn’t just about calories and protein. It’s also about feeding all of your senses. Enjoy the eye-widening sour taste of ripe kumquats, or admire the variety of colors in heirloom tomatoes. Bask in the scent of fresh rosemary, or take note of the grainy quality of a juicy pear. 

Yes, get in those vitamins, but don’t forget to enjoy every aspect of the foods that nourish your body. 

Celebrate Every Occasion

The French say “La joie de vivre” and the Italians say “Il dolce far niente.” Whether you subscribe more to “the joy of living” or “the sweetness of doing nothing,” we encourage you to start finding joy in every occasion.

Celebrate your slow Sunday mornings by wearing your favorite loungewear during brunch. Put on your softest sweater and go for a leisurely walk with friends after work. Find small ways to celebrate your everyday activities, and you’ll be shocked at how much joy is just waiting to be discovered.