How To Attain Effortless Style

Style shouldn’t be stressful, so we invite you to curate an effortless wardrobe that organically flows with the momentum of your daily life.

We have a mental exercise for you—don’t worry, you won’t break a sweat. Imagine an ideal day. Imagine that your morning routine is perfection and that your workflow is immaculate. Imagine that your errands are fun and that you feel satisfied by the day's end. In a word, imagine that this day feels effortless.

Now, press the rewind button and go back to the morning. What did it look like when you got dressed for the day? Did you debate between different garments? Were you torn when it came to the “look” you wanted to embody? 

We get it. There are so many choices throughout the day, and choosing the right outfit can be overwhelming… but it shouldn’t be. An effortless style may seem unattainable, but the key is to select classic, versatile pieces that flow with the momentum of your life. Use the following scenarios to design your ideal effortless wardrobe for less stress and more ease.

Go For Comfort on Active Days

The phrase “on the go” implies a hectic rush from one place to another. However, we challenge you to find a new perspective on such days. Instead of thinking, “I have too many things to do,” reframe it as “My day is full of activities.” Instead of mentally scrambling to keep track of tasks, lean into the momentum and let the energy carry you along freely.

To fully embrace this effortless energy, select comfortable pieces that help you maintain flow and leave you feeling refreshed. Whether you need to dress them up or down, the Ellis Pant will keep you feeling chic and breezy. Pair them with a Ribbed Tank for a casual fit or the Julia Cami for something more elevated.

Attain Effortless Style

Relax Your Workflow with Streamlined Styles

While the words “relax” and “work” don’t often go together, we think you should reconsider. Workwear of the past frequently included rigid lines, structured silhouettes, and coarse fabrics. Work wasn’t necessarily a place for pleasure or leisure, so why would workwear exhibit those features? 

We can’t be the only ones who don’t find that appealing, right? If you’re of a similar mind, consider leaving harsh workwear styles in the past where they belong. 

A classic piece like the Oliver Relaxed Trouser is sophisticated and unexpectedly comfortable with its relaxed fit. Pair it with the cuffed hem on the Hudson Double Knit Sweater to develop a workflow that’s streamlined, satisfying, and, you guessed it, effortless. 

Shine at Social Events with Chic Simplicity

Whether it’s brunch with friends or an evening out with your partner, something about social events makes us want to express ourselves. We’re not putting hours in at work or ticking off boxes on the to-do list, we’re connecting and engaging with others while expressing our truest selves. 

We just happen to think there’s no better way to let your exquisite self shine through than with simple chic pieces that are classic and versatile. 

For daytime socializing, try the Alden Dress and enjoy the flowy midi-length skirt and practical pockets. The sleek fit on the Jones Slip Dress adds a touch of sophistication, and the tiered skirt makes it equally appropriate for date nights or last-minute weekend getaways.

Downtime Calls for Indulgent Fabrics and Colors

On the rare occasion that you get to enjoy a quiet moment of peace and solitude, don’t forget to indulge your senses. That time with yourself is just as important as the hours you put in at work or the time you spend caring for others. Style may seem as though it’s purely aesthetic, but it can also be a valuable method of self-care. 

Sooth your spirit with our extra plush and cozy Holly Cardigan that comes in refreshing colors like Mint, Petal, Ivory, and more. The cozy fit on our Parker 3/4 Sleeve Top balances luxury and practicality for a style that’s perfect for leisurely walks, reading, or simply lounging and enjoying the breeze. 

Whether you prefer to wear a color that brightens your spirit or savor a touch-worthy fabric, treat downtime as an opportunity to care for yourself in every way.