Meaningful Materials: CleanColor

The clothes you put on your body matter, and that’s why matty m uses clean color worth celebrating.

From your favorite pair of lounge pants to the versatile button-down that works for any occasion, the clothes you put on your body matter. They’re an expression of your personality, they can be practical, and they can even set the tone for the day. Whether we know it or not, clothing often accomplishes these things through color.

While we usually first shop for style or occasion, we tend to gravitate towards some colors more than others from there. Maybe you love the sophistication of neutrals. Perhaps you want the warmth of plum. Whatever the case, color is an essential part of your style.

However, we don’t always look for clothing that’s been colored with specific dyes or dyeing techniques. Once a garment meets our aesthetic and fit preferences, oftentimes, we grab it and move on with our day. We’ve all been there… but we have a responsibility to do better. 

Meaningful Materials

Meaningful Materials Matter

If you’re wondering what the big deal is, you’re not alone. When people think of pollutants, they often visualize tons of waste ending up in landfills or clogging waterways. Well, it turns out that textile dyes can cause serious environmental harm as well.

Some dyes are toxic and can alter the physical and chemical properties of soil. In turn, this negatively impacts water bodies and harms surrounding plant and animal life. Plus, since many of them are resistant to harsh conditions, it’s difficult to remove them with conventional wastewater treatments.

At matty m, we know the materials we use matter. From fabric type to dye technology, we want to offer intentional pieces that promote sustainability while fitting your style and matching your lifestyle. 

Clean color Worth Celebrating

Whether you prefer our Olive Green or a rich Slate Blue, we’ve begun integrating a revolutionary dyeing practice so you can celebrate every aspect of your style.

To accomplish this, we’ve partnered with CleanColor for their sustainable non-aqueous dyeing technology. Not only does this technology use the minimum amount of water and consume less energy, its environmental impact is significantly reduced, and “up to 99.7% of the medium is easily recycled in CleanColor process.”

In addition, their process doesn’t require as many chemicals, which lessens the pressure on wastewater treatment. Essentially, they’re making zero wastewater discharge possible.


Make a Difference with matty m

The best part? You don’t have to do anything different to promote cleaner water. You don’t need another thing to add to your to-do list, so we did all the work for you.

With every new matty m purchase, select the styles and colors that resonate with you. Choose from our intentionally crafted pieces and simply enjoy the way they make you feel, look, and how they support your lifestyle.