You're probably busy, we'll make it short.

Effortless styles for the modern woman. Find calm in the chaos.

We believe that getting dressed can be simple. Curating a wardrobe of timeless, high-quality essentials ensures that you can finally be friends with your clothes again.

Our Past

Founded in 2005 matty m recognized that the clothing needs of the contemporary woman were not being met and decided to do things differently. They started catering to women with a keen sense of quality and design looking for versatile yet effortless fashion. 

Our Present

Today matty m has become the ultimate go-to for those craving the perfect blend of top-notch quality and sophisticated style. For nearly two decades we've been the trusted choice for women from the office to the carpool line. We believe that you can have it all: timeless style, impeccable fit, comfort, and confidence.  

Our Future

We are taking a not-so-in-your-face approach to online shopping. You won’t find any irritating pop-ups and constant pressure to buy – we hate all that stuff too. Take your time and genuinely enjoy shopping. Our customers come first, and we really mean that. We’re creating the shopping experience we’ve always wanted and passing it on to you.   

Matty M embodies the beauty of simplicity and versatility. Every piece is designed with intention, reflecting the essence of our vision.

- Creative Director, Sam Chanachok